Cafe con Leche Special Reports

Cafe con Leche special reports are longer pieces by various people about topics of interest to the XML community. Currently available reports include:

If you'd like to add your own comments on any of these reports, or suggest a new report, write them up and email them to I reserve the right to edit for style and content as well as to select which reports are and are not posted. Generally speaking, the most comprehensive, accurate, and interesting reports will be posted; especially thise that introduce new information not already included here.

Please be sure to tell me that what you send is intended for publication. By default, I assume that personal email is a private communication and will not republish it unless told otherwise. At the same time, if you specifically wish to remain anonymous, tell me that too. Otherwise I'll assume it's permissible to cite you as the source of a particular piece of information or story. Thanks!

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