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This is a calendar of XML related trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Shows I plan to attend are marked with a ATTENDING!. Shows where I am speaking are marked with a SPEAKING!. Instructions for adding shows are at the bottom of this page.

The Shows

WWW 2008, April 20-25, 2008, Beijing, China

A peer-reviewed, academic conference focusing on the semantic web and other W3C technologies.

The main theme of the conference is "One World, One Web". The conference will explore how Web access is moving from the desktop to cell phones and TV screens, and how most users are moving from passive browsing experiences on the Internet to active participation in building Web communities. Authors attending the event are invited to report their original research covering the implications of ubiquitous access to the Web through the "three screens" – computer, phone, and TV – and how such Web access will change the way we live, work, and interact in the future. Topics of discussion will include Browsers and UI, Data Mining, Mobility, Multimedia, Performance and Scalability, Search, Security and Privacy, Semantic Web, Social Networks and Web 2.0, Technology for Developing Regions, and Web Engineering. The conference will also feature workshops, tutorials, plenary speeches by renowned speakers, and tracks devoted to developers and to recent W3C activities that are of interest to the community.

XTech 2008, May 6-9, 2007, Dublin, Ireland

A peer-reviewed, academic conference focusing on XML.

XML 2008, December 8-10, 2008, Crystal City, Virginia, USA

XML 2008 is the largest XML conference, designed for professionals who use XML and related technologies. The conference attracts leading experts and practitioners from around the world to explore the entire universe of XML-based technologies, including web services, publishing, data integration, information management, and evolving applications.

Adding Shows to This Calendar

I will probably eventually design a form for submission of trade show listings; but until I do if you would like a trade show listed here, please email some information about it to elharo@metalab.unc.edu. You should keep your description brief and to the point. You should definitely include dates, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, web pages and pricing. You may also include highlights of the conference and featured speakers or exhibitors. Use the examples above for ideas.

Please do not include complete listings of everyone and everything that will be at your show. The more extraneous hype I have to remove, the longer it will take me to list your show. Anybody who sends me more than a couple of paragraphs about their show will receive some propaganda from me about my commercial web development and hosting services to assist you in setting up a Web site for your show. In other words, this page is merely a calendar for the benefit of the interested public. It is not a substitute for your own advertising, on the web or elsewhere.

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