XML News from Thursday, April 10, 2008

The W3C Semantic Web Activity has posted a ?working draft? of Experiences with the conversion of SenseLab databases to RDF/OWL. "One of the challenges facing Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences is that of converting relational databases into Semantic Web format. The issues and the steps involved in such a conversion have not been well documented. To this end, we have created this document to describe the process of converting SenseLab databases into OWL. SenseLab is a collection of relational (Oracle) databases for neuroscientific research. The conversion of these databases into RDF/OWL format is an important step towards realizing the benefits of Semantic Web in integrative neuroscience research. This document describes how we represented some of the SenseLab databases in Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL), and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these representations. Our OWL representation is based on the reuse of existing standard OWL ontologies developed in the biomedical ontology communities. The purpose of this document is to share our implementation experience with the community."

Mildly interesting, but why this is working draft instead of a note, or why it's even published by the W3C I can't quite figure out. This is a case study at most, not a specification of anything in particular.