XML News from Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I just noticed that www.xom.nu is redirecting to www.elharo.com. I suspect I broke it while testing some redirect scripts for Refactoring HTML. It should be fixed shortly.

OK. It's fixed now. It's a little surprising that the site was broken for probably two days and nobody noticed. Either XOM is so clear that nobody need to read the documentation or not as many people are using it as I'd like. Today I had the displeasure of using both DOM and dom4j on another project I've been working on (For non-technical reasons I'm not at liberty to go into, XOM is not an option on this project.) and they were both appalling. JDK 1.5's DOM implementation was flat-out buggy and dom4j was broken by design. I am astonished that developers are still using these products. I was sorely tempted to bring in JDOM, but I didn't want to introduce yet another dependency. I ended up settling for Jaxen.