XML News from Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SpeakEasy/Covad is acting up again, and my network connection is going up and down for no apparent reason. For the moment that means xom.nu, Mokka mit Schlag, The Cafes are down and e-mail is unreliable. I'm not sure when this is likely to be fixed. For future reference, the magic words for getting at least something working are "Manual Reprovision" whatever that means. This time a regular rebuild and reprovision did not accomplish anything. SpeakEasy is shipping me a new DSL modem that may fix the problem, but that isn't scheduled to arrive until Friday, assuming it ships when and how they say. (Last time this happened they told me they'd overnight it and instead sent it regular delivery.) This is the 3rd and worst outage I've had with them in the last month. I'm still looking for reliable ISP service in Brooklyn.