XML News from Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The W3C has posted the call for papers for the Seventeenth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008) to take place April 21-25, 2008 in Beijing, China Topics include:

Hmm, I wonder if they'd accept a paper on bypassing the great firewall of China for that last one? The main theme of the conference is "One World, One Web". It does seem funny to host a conference with that theme in a country that is so committed to creating its own censored Web that provides distinctly different content on subjects like Tianamen Square, Tibet, and Taiwan than one would find when surfing in the rest of the world, but perhaps it will do some good. In any case, papers are due by November 1.

I also notice that HTML and XML are not welcome at this conference:

Refereed papers must be submitted as PDF documents. No other format will be accepted. It is the responsibility of all authors to produce PDF documents that can be read and printed on any platform. Please check to ensure that you can produce PDF documents well before the submission deadline. The inability to produce a PDF document will not result in an extension of the paper submission deadline.


Refereed papers can be prepared using either LaTeX or Microsoft Word. (Other document preparation systems can be used, but are not recommended and no assistance will be provided in the case of problems. Authors using other document preparation systems are responsible for producing output completely equivalent to that produced using one of the methods below.)

May I suggest a theme for WWW 2009? "Practice what we preach and eat our own dog food."