XML News from Thursday, May 17, 2007

YesLogic has released Prince 6.0, a $495-$3900 payware batch formatter for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X that produces PDF and PostScript from XML documents with CSS stylesheets that passes the Acid2 test. Version 6.0 improves "support for HTML, CSS, SVG, and MathML. Documents and style sheets can now be loaded from the Web over HTTP, and new publishing features have been added including hyphenation, crop marks, small caps, and CMYK colors."

DataDirect Technologies has released DataDirect XQuery 3.0, a closed source Java library for integrating XQuery functionality into your application that implements the XQuery API for Java. As well as supporting XML documents, it can query and update relational databases, EDI, and CSV data. Pricing ranges from $455 to $2100.

DataDirect Technologies has also released DataDirect XML Converters, a set of closed source Java and .NET libraries for converting IATA, EDIFACT, X12, EANCOM, and Flat Files and Stylus Studio Enterprise Suite to XML. Pricing ranges from $955 to $20000.