XML News from Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oleg Tkachenko has posted IronXSLT 0.1: According to Tkachenko:

Visual Studio already supports editing, running and even debugging XSLT, but it's still a painfully limited support. So I'm started building IronXSLT - Visual Studio plugin aimed to provide total integration of the XSLT language in Visual Studio IDE.

Current list of planned and already implemented IronXSLT features includes:

  1. XSLT Library Project (Visual Studio project type for compiling XSLT into DLL)
  2. XSLT Refactorings
  3. Multiple XSLT engines
  4. XSLT Profiler
  5. Extensive library of XSLT code snippets
  6. XPath Intellisense
  7. Visual XSLT builder
  8. XSLT2XLinq and XLinq2XSLT converters

IronXSLT version 0.1 implements first point.

IronXSLT supports only forthcoming Microsoft Visual Studio version, codenamed "Orcas", which is about to be released later this year.

The DocBook Project has released version 1.72.0 of the DocBook 5 XSL stylesheets. According to Bob Stayton, "The DocBook 5 XSL Stylesheets are the same as the regular 1.72.0 stylesheet release except that the templates match on elements in the DocBook namespace." I should really upgrade the Java Student's Resource to use this.

Norm Walsh has posted the third release candidate of DocBook 5.0. DocBook 5 is "a significant redesign that attempts to remain true to the spirit of DocBook." The schema is written in RELAX NG. A DTD and W3C XML Schema generated from the RELAX NG schema are also available. There's also a Schematron schema "that validates some extra-grammatical DocBook constraints. These patterns are also present directly in the RELAX NG Grammar and some validators, for example MSV, can perform both kinds of validation at the same time." Changes in this RC are small but significant.