XML News from Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Mozilla Project has posted the fifth alpha of Firefox 3.0 for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This is code named "Gran Paradiso". This alpha is based on Gecko 1.9 rendering engine, and can now pass the Acid 2 test. There's supposed to be a new password manager but to my eyes it looks just like the old one, with all its user interface flaws. Maybe it's better at recognizing when different passwords need to be entered or stored? There's also a new bookmarks manager. SVG, XSLT, and Web Applications 1.0 supports has been improved.

Netscape has posted the first beta of version 9.0 of its namesake web browser. This release is based on Firefox. New features include:

Netscape 9 is also once again available for Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows.