XML News from Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The W3C has published a proposed edited recommendation of XForms 1.0 (Third Edition). The most significant change is the addition of a section on "Interpretation of same-document references":

The list of errata and a diff-marked version relative to XForms 1.0 Second Edition are available. There are two corrections that affect schema conformance. Erratum E9 adds id to the list of common attributes. This aligns with implementations, which must all add the ID attribute to the XForms schema in order to use the many features of XForms that rely on IDREF referencing to specify related elements, such as a submission or repeat element and a send or setindex action. Erratum 32f adds switch to the content model of repeat. Prior versions of XForms 1.0 have indicated that this content model change would appear in a future version based on implementation experience, which has now occurred. So this correction was also added to align the specification with implementations.