XML News from Friday, February 2, 2007

Per Bothner has released Qexo 1.9.1, an XQuery to Java byte code compiler. Qexo is published under the X11/MIT license.

RenderX has released version 4.9 of XEP, its payware XSL Formatting Objects to PDF and PostScript converter. XEP also supports part of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1. "Major achievements have been made in the AFP backend: multilingual support (Latin, Western European, Hebrew, and Cyrillic character sets), SVG bullets, new SVG primitives with G:OCA (polyline, elliptical arc, Bezier curve and polycurve), SVG text, SVG transformations, viewbox and nested svg:svg elements, improved support for SVG color, extended support for WordArt, Barcodes generation with BC:OCA or G:OCA, Codabar, Code2of5 and other types. Improvements have been introduced to XEP Assistant user interface." The basic client is $299.95. The developer edition with an API is $999.95. The server version is $3999.95.