XML News from Thursday, February 1, 2007

Julian Graham has posted SDOM 0.4.1, a DOM Level 3 implementation for Scheme. This is designed as an extension of Oleg Kiselyov's SXML. According to Kiselyov, "SXML is an abstract syntax tree of an XML document. SXML is also a concrete representation of the XML Infoset in the form of S-expressions." SDOM is free software, published under the GPL.

Kiyut has released Sketsa 4.0, a $49 payware SVG editor written in Java. Version 4.0 is built on top of the NetBeans platform and features a spanking new user interface. Java 5 or later is required.

Dave Beckett has released the Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.4.14, an open source C library for parsing the RDF/XML, N-Triples. Turtle, and Atom Resource Description Framework formats. It uses expat or libxml2 as the underlying XML parser. This release adds new serializers for Turtle and GraphViz DOT. The GRDDL parser can now recursively traverse namespace and profile URIs. Raptor is dual licensed under the LGPL and Apache 2.0 licenses.