XML News from Friday, August 17, 2007

Opera Software has released version 9.2.3 of their namesake free-beer web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. This release fixes some JavaScript security and crashing bugs found with fuzz testing (about which I'll have more to say at SD Best Practices next month). All users should upgrade.

Recodare has released Dolet for Finale 4.0:

a plug-in for the Finale music notation program that reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 files on Windows and Mac OS X. With Dolet software, you can finally read files created in Finale 2008 with Finale 2006. Read music from Sibelius into Finale by using Dolet for Finale together with our Dolet 3 for Sibelius plug-in. MusicXML files created with Dolet 4 for Finale usually import into Sibelius 4 and 5 better than Finale ETF files do.

Even if you're using Finale 2008, Dolet 4 has three big advantages:

  1. It can save files as MusicXML 2.0 files, as well as MusicXML 1.1 and 1.0 files. This lets you take advantage of MusicXML 2.0's improved features like compressed files, improved formatting control, and graphics support.
  2. It allows you to translate an entire folder of Finale or MusicXML files at one time - an enormous time savings when you have to move a lot of files from one program to another.
  3. The Dolet for Finale plug-in is updated much more often than Finale. Finale releases typically have one or two maintenance updates. In our previous release, Dolet 3 for Finale had nine updates which kept making file translations even more accurate.

Do you want to read files from scanners like SharpEye Music Reader and capella-scan? Exchange files with Sibelius users? Create files for use in digital sheet music players like musicRAIN and MuseBook Score? Dolet 4 for Finale lets you exchange music between applications more accurately than ever before.

Dolet 4.0 is $149.95. Upgrades from 3.0 are $99.95.