XML News from Thursday, April 5, 2007

Orbeon has released the Orbeon Presentation Server (OPS) 3.5.1. OPS is an open source, server-based XForms implementation that delivers standard HTML+JavaScript to clients, with a hefty does of AJAX thrown in for good measure. "This release is an update to Orbeon Forms 3.5 which brings performance improvements, the most notable one being the ability to combine JavaScript and CSS resources, as well as a series of bug-fixes." OPS is published under the LGPL.

Version 2.0 of Chiba, an open source, web-based implementation of XForms based on servlets and XSLT, has been released. Chiba enables XForms to be used in current browsers without plugins or special requirements on the client-side. According to Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, version 2.0 adds "a client-side AJAX XForms implementation together with the existing server-side script-free XForms implementation as a fall-back and for less capable devices." Chiba is published under the artistic license.