XML News from Monday, April 2, 2007

The W3C XQuery Working Group has also published the first draft of XML Query (XQuery) 1.1 Requirements. Here are the requirements:

The W3C XQuery Working Group has also published the final 1.0 versions of XML Query (XQuery) Requirements and XML Query Use Cases.

Finally the XQuery working group has posted the first draft of XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 Requirements. "This document describes the requirements for the XQuery Scripting Extensions. XQuery [XQuery 1.0] is a functional language that is Turing-complete and well suited to write code that ranges from simple queries to complete applications. However, some categories of applications are more easily implemented by combining XQuery capabilities with some imperative features, such as the ability to explicitly manage internal states. The same issue stands for XQuery enriched with the [XQuery Update Facility] (hereafter, XQuery With Updates). The scripting extension is intended to overcome this problem, and allow programmers to write such applications without relying on embedding XQuery into an external language."