XML News from Thursday, September 21, 2006

The W3C CSS Working Group has posted a new working draft of CSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media. "This module describes features often used in printed publications. In particular, this specification describes how CSS style sheets can express named strings, leaders, cross-references, footnotes, endnotes, running headers and footers, named flows, ad hoc counter styles, paged-based floats, hyphenation, change bars, named page lists, and generated lists. Along with two other CSS3 modules — multicolumn layout and paged media — this module offers a way of presenting structured documents on paged media."

The W3C CSS Working Group has also published a new working draft CSS Level 3, Values and Units . "This CSS3 module describes the various values and units that CSS properties accept. Also, it describes how values are computed from 'specified' (which is what the cascading process yields) through 'computed' and 'used' into 'actual' values. The main purpose of this module is to define common values and units in one specification which can be referred to by other modules."