XML News from Thursday, October 12, 2006

Next week, my university, Polytechnic in Brooklyn, is hosting Hyperpolis 3.0: Really Useful Media, a free conference dedicated to digital media:

We don't know enough about digital media as something other than a means to an end, as “instrumental culture”, where culture itself —mainstream, alternative, underground, or otherwise— is degraded to the status of tools (some hard, some soft, all ware).

We know too much about media discourses as, on the one hand, “popular culture”: alienated and commodified cultural forms; and on the other, “cultural theory”: paranoid cosmologies of hyper-rhetoric, and the ubiquitous inevitability of evil...

Hyperpolis: Really Useful Media will provide a forum for the discussion and presentation of some positive contributions to the field, in light of these chronic imbalances.

The conference takes place Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th from 11am to 6pm in the Dibner Auditorium at Polytechnic University, 6 MetroTech in Brooklyn. The Borough Hall, Jay Street, and Hoyt Street subway stations are all within a couple of blocks. To register just add your name to the attendees list on the Wiki.