XML News from Thursday, November 2, 2006

IBM developerWorks has published my latest article, Why XForms? An apologia and exegesis. This is an unusual article for me because it's almost totally non-tutorial in focus. In fact, I don't show a single line of XForms code. Instead, this article explains what XForms is attempting to do and what domains and problems it's appropriate for. If you're just looking for a slightly better HTML form, I'm not sure XForms is worth its cost; but if you need something more, it may be.

The Mozilla Project has posted version 0.7 of its XForms extension for Firefox 1.5 and later. Mozilla XForms support has been developed by IBM, Novell, and independent contributors. Improvements in this release include partial support for attribute-based repeats, improved accessibility for controls, and improved schema support. It's not a complete XForms inplementation yet, but it's getting there.

Orbeon has posted the first Milestone of the Orbeon Presentation Server (OPS) 3.5. OPS is an open source, server-based XForms implementation that delivers standard HTML+JavaScript to clients, witha hefty does of AJAX thrown in for good measure. OPS is published under the LGPL.

Eric van der Vlist has released TreeBind, "a generic hierarchical data model binding API that is now supporting RDF and LDAP in addition to XML and Java objects". TreeBind is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License.