XML News from Monday, March 6, 2006

Steve Palmer has released Vienna 2.0.1, an open source RSS/Atom client for Mac OS X. Vienna is the first reader I've found acceptable for daily use; not great but good enough. (Of course my standards for "good enough" are pretty high.) 2.0.1 is now a Universal binary. On top of that, it fixes assorted bugs.

Andrew Welch has released Kernow 1.2 (nee EasyTransformer), a cross-platform, open source graphical front end for Saxon written in Java. According to Welch, "Everything you would normally have to type into the command line is available through the mouse, with some extra features thrown in. If you have Schema Aware Saxon it will run that too." 1.2 can now validate documents against Relax NG and W3C schemas.