XML News from Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ranchero has posted the first public beta of NetNewsWire 2.1, a closed source RSS client for the Mac. It's available in both free-beer lite and $25 payware versions. Version 2.1 is a universal binary, can sync with NewsGator, fixes bugs, and improves performance.

The XML Apache Project has released XML::Xerces 2.7.0-0, a Perl wrapper around the Xerces C++ API. It provides access to most of the C++ API from Perl, except for "some functions in the C++ API which either have better Perl counterparts (such as file I/O) or which manipulate internal C++ information that has no role in the Perl module." XML::Xerces supports XML 1.0; DOM levels 1, 2, and 3; SAX 1 and 2, Namespaces, and W3C XML Schemas.