XML News from Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The W3C Device Independence Working Group has posted the first public working draft of Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL). "DIAL is a language profile based on existing W3C XML vocabularies and CSS modules. These provide standard mechanisms for representing Web page structure, presentation and form interaction. The DIAL also makes use of the DISelect metadata vocabulary [DISelect] for overcoming the authoring challenges [ACDI] inherent in authoring for multiple delivery contexts." In other words, it's a mix of an XHTML 2 subset, XForms, and some custom markup for publishing content and web apps to cell phones, PDAs, and other non-traditional devices.

John Cowan has posted the eighth release candidate of TagSoup, an open source, Java-language, SAX parser for nasty, ugly HTML. I use TagSoup to convert JavaDoc to well-formed XHTML. According to Cowan, this release "fixes a paper-bag bug that made it impossible to compile the jar-file from the released sources. I added a few bits of defensive programming as well, but there are no user-visible changes."