XML News from Saturday, July 29, 2006

The W3C XHTML working group has published the eighth public working draft of XHTML 2.0. XHTML 2.0 is the next, backwards incompatible version of HTML that incorporates XFrames, XForms, and lots of other crunchy XML goodness. This draft adds support for xml:id, but still retains the old non-namespaced id attribute. XLink is not yet included and may never be. (The HTML Working Group are extreme XLink skeptics.) Whether browser vendors will ever agree to implement this is an open question.

The W3C XForms working group has posted the third public working draft of XForms 1.1. Changes since 1.0 include:

The major addition I noted in this draft is support for HTTP DELETE. This is critical for the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) among other RESTful protocols.