XML News from Saturday, January 7, 2006

The W3C XML Key Management Working Group has published a note about Using XKMS with PGP.

The XML Key Management Specification (XKMS 2.0) [XKMS] aims at providing a PKI independent interface to key management. XKMS services comprise discovery and validation of keys as well as support for certain aspects of the key life cycle management, including registration, reissuance and revocation.

XKMS employs XML Signature [XMLSIG] for the purpose of providing message security in the form of authentication and integrity. In addition, XKMS is based on the use of the <ds:KeyInfo> element as a means of transporting key information used as templates for the various operations it specifies.

This technical note addresses some of the issues related to the use of XKMS in conjunction with PGP