XML News from Monday, January 30, 2006

Due to a scheduling mixup and some crossed signals, I will not be speaking at the Long Island PHP User's Group tonight as previously announced. However, Matt Surico and Chris Merlo will be presenting about "RSS Feeds" so it should be an intersting meeting anyway. I still hope to get out to Long Island sometime later this year. I will still be at the New York PHP Users Group on Tuesday, February 28 in Manhattan. See you there!

Syntext has released Serna 2.5.0. a $268 payware XSL-based WYSIWYG XML Document Editor for Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. Features include on-the-fly XSL-driven XML rendering and transformation, on-the-fly XML Schema validation, XInclude, and spell checking. New features in 2.5 include the ability to a selected portion of a document as XML source without switching to text mode and commenting and uncommenting the selection. A roughly $500 enterprise edition adds a Python API and WebDAV support.