XML News from Monday, December 18, 2006

The W3C has released version 9.53 of Amaya, their open source testbed web browser and authoring tool for Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X that supports HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XHTML Basic, XHTML 1.1, HTTP 1.1, MathML 2.0, SVG, XML, RDF, XPointer, XLink, and much of CSS 2. Version 9.53 is mostly a bug fix release, but it does improve the math support somewhat. They've also released version 8.7.2, a big fix release for the old user interface.

Recordare has released Dolet 3.5 for Finale, a $129.95 payware plug-in for reading and writing MusicXML files. This release adds support for Java 6 and fixes assorted bugs. Upgrades are $79.95. Finale is required.