XML News from Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've posted beta 12 of Jaxen 1.1, an open source (modified BSD license) XPath 1.0 engine for Java that is adaptable to many different object models including XOM, JDOM, DOM, and dom4j. Beta 12 is the first release candidate and has no known bugs. If no major problems are uncovered in the next couple of weeks, 1.1 will probably be released around the end of the year. Please try this release out, and let us know if you find anything problematic.

The major changes in this release are the removal of the Visitor interface and the matrix-concat extension function. We took them out because they were undocumented and buggy, and no one was willing to maintain them. If someone is willing to commit some resources (either temporal or financial) to them, they could be restored in the future. A few web site issues were fixed too.

Jaxen was originally written by James Strachan and Bob McWhirter. It is published under a modified BSD license.