XML News from Monday, August 7, 2006

Nikolai Grigoriev has released SVGMath 0.3, a presentation MathML formatter that produces SVG written in pure Python and published under an MIT license. According to Grigoriev, "The new version can work with multiple-namespace documents (e.g. replace all MathML subtrees with SVG in an XSL-FO or XHTML document); configuration is made more flexible, and several bugs are fixed. There is also a stylesheet to adjust the vertical position of the resulting SVG image in XSL-FO."

Stefan Behnel has released MathDOM 0.7, "a set of Python 2.4 modules (using PyXML or lxml, and pyparsing) that import mathematical terms as a Content MathML DOM. It currently parses MathML and literal infix terms into a DOM or lxml document and writes out MathML and literal infix/prefix/postfix/Python terms. The DOM elements are enhanced by domain specific methods that make using the DOM a little easier. It comes with an XSLT-based output filter for Presentational MathML and RelaxNG-based document validation." mathDPm is open source, published under an MIT license.

Monkfish Software has released xmlBlueprint 4.1, a $45 payware XML editor for Windows 98 and later that features schema-based tag completion.