XML News from Saturday, August 26, 2006

The W3C Compound Document Formats Working Group has published an updated last call working draft of Compound Document by Reference Framework 1.0.

Combining content delivery formats can often be desirable in order to provide a seamless experience to the user.

For example, XHTML-formatted content can be augmented by SVG objects, to create a more dynamic, interactive and self adjusting presentation. A set of standard rules is required in order to provide this capability across a range of user agents and devices.

These are examples of possible Compound Document profiles:

This document defines a generic Compound Document by Reference Framework (CDRF) that defines a language-independent processing model for combining arbitrary document formats.

Jacek Radajewski has posted versioon 0.0.8 of UTF-X, a JUnit extension for testing XSLT stylesheets. According to Radajewski, "We've developed it at USQ for unit testing our stylesheets about three years ago, and two years ago released it under GPL. Although still in Alpha versions UTF-X works well and has been used in reasonable size projects (over 1500 templates/tests). UTF-X tests or Test Definition Files (TDFs) are XML documents which can be validated and rendered. Being able to render your tests works well for the test-first-design approach as you can write all your tests, validate them against your and/or xhtml DTD and render them for visual inspection. If everything is OK you can write your templates untill all tests pass." New features in this release include:

UTF-X requires Java 5 and is published under the GPL.