XML News from Sunday, April 9, 2006

I've posted beta 9 of Jaxen 1.1, an open source (modified BSD license) XPath 1.0 engine for Java that is adaptable to many different object models including XOM, JDOM, DOM, and dom4j. Jaxen was originally written by James Strachan and Bob McWhirter. Beta 9 makes fixes an assortment of small issues. Most importantly it cleans up the license which was a little contradictory and confused. (Not all pieces had the same license.) The entire package is now released under the modified BSD license (no advertising clause).

Do not be fooled by the "beta" designation. This release has many fewer bugs and is much more conformant to the XPath specification than the official 1.0 release. We'll probably get around to calling it 1.1 final sometime later this year after closing a fewmore bugs and doing a little more work on performance. However, there's no reason to wait for that. If you're using Jaxen 1.0, you should upgrade to this beta.