XML News from Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Matthew Cruickshank has released Docvert, some "web service software" that "takes multiple word processor files (typically .doc) and converts them to Oasis OpenDocument. Web Service receives .doc file and converts it to a Oasis OpenDocument 1.0 which can then be converted to HTML, RSS, or any XML format. The resulting OpenDocument XML is then optionally converted to HTML or any XML. This is done with XML Pipelines, an approach that supports XSLT, breaking up content over headings or sections, and saving those results to multiple files (e.g., chapter1.html, chapter2.html…). The result is returned in a .zip file. Docvert is easy to integrate as it uses a simple REST-style interface, and it's released under the LGPL".

Adam Souzis has released Rx4RDF 0.6.0, a set of technologies designed to make the Resource Description Framework (RDF) measier to use. It includes:

This release improves performance and integration with other RDF databases.