XML News from Friday, September 23, 2005

The W3C Quality Assurance Working Group has published a note on Test Metadata. According to the note,

To be truly useful, a test suite should consist of more than a simple collection of tests. Additional information is typically required to help users understand how to execute the tests and how to interpret the results. Much of this information should be provided in the test suite documentation but some is more appropriately provided in the form of metadata about the tests themselves. Well-defined metadata can help in:

Most test suites provided by W3C Working Groups make use of some form of metadata. However, the extent of metadata usage and the forms and syntax in which metadata elements are defined varies widely from Group to Group. This document defines a minimal set of metadata elements that have proved useful in practice and attempts to standardize their names, syntax, and usage. If the use of standard metadata elements is adopted within the W3C it is likely that standardized tools will be developed to facilitate the tasks listed above.