XML News from Friday, October 21, 2005

I'll be travelling for the next week. Updates here will be slow to nonexistent until next month.

The W3C Internationalization Core Working Group, XQuery Working Group, and XSL Working Group have jointly produced a note on Working with Time Zones. "This document discusses some of the problems encountered when working with the date, time, and dateTime values from [XML Schema] when those value include (or omit) time zone offsets."

The OpenOffice Project has released OpenOffice 2.0, an open source office suite for Linux and Windows that saves all its files as zipped XML. New features in 2.0 include a multipane view, custom shapes, enhanced database frontend, mail merge wizard, nested tables, digital signatures, XForms, and the ability to open and save WordPerfect files. OpenOffice is dual licensed under the LGPL and Sun Industry Standards Source License.