XML News from Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've updated the conferences page. I found one interesting new event, Programming Language Technologies for XML (PLAN-X) taking place January 14 in Charleston, South Carolina. This ACM sponsored workshop focuses on new programming language technologies for working with XML. I don't have anything to present to the workshop, but I'm tempted to attend anyway. If you know of any other XML-centric conferences I'm missing, please send in their info.

This Saturday I'll be at the first Weekend with Experts show in New York to talk about Effective XML. In November I'll talk about testing XML at both STPCon and STARWest. In December, the Weekend with Experts arrives in Philadelphia, where I'll talk about Effective XML one more time. In January, I'll be at the XML Developers Network of the Capital District in Albany on the 17th to talk about XOM; and on February 8, I'll be at the Capital District Java Developers Network, also in Albany, to talk about Measuring JUnit Code Coverage. Then in March it's back to Santa Clara for Software Development 2006 West. If you'd like me to talk to your user group, just send me an e-mail. I do ask that groups outside the New York City area cover my travel expenses, though sometimes we can piggy back a user group talk on top of a conference in the same general vicinity. See you there!