Official Builds

The current version is 2.0.0. 2.0.0 now requires Java 1.5 or later, and marks the third party models for XOM, JDOM, and dom4j optional so dependency trees should be much smaller. Although this is a major release, it's almost completely API compatible and should be a drop-in replacement for most existing projects.

1.2.0 required Java 1.4 or later, and stopped bundling the org.w3c.dom classes. It also deprecated the org.jaxen.pattern package. It should be fully compatible with code written to Jaxen 1.1.

1.1.6 fixed several bugs in IEEE 754 arithmetic.

1.1 is a major upgrade that significantly improved jaxen's conformance to the underlying XPath 1.0 specification. This release is a vast improvement over 1.0, and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. With a few small exceptions (e.g. the document() function moved to the org.jaxen.function.xslt package, the IdentityHashMap class was deleted, and the ElectricXML navigator was deleted) 1.1 is backwards compatible with code written to the 1.0 APIs.

The recommended build is 2.0.0: