Jaxen's build system is Maven 3. To compile Jaxen, install Maven. Then at the shell prompt inside the top-level jaxen directory, type "mvn compile":

$ mvn compile

You'll likely see some deprecation warnings. Don't worry about these. They're internal to jaxen, and do not indicate bugs.

To run the unit tests, type "mvn test":

$ mvn test

To build a jar file at the shell prompt type "mvn package":

$ mvn package

This runs the unit tests as well. The jar file will appear in the target directory.

To generate javadoc, type "mvn javadoc:javadoc":

$ mvn javadoc:javadoc

To generate the complete documentation for the site, including code coverage measurements, static code analysis, and more, type "mvn site":

$ mvn site

Again the output appears in the target folder.

To remove build artifacts, type "mvn clean":

$ mvn clean

Publishing a Release

To prepare jaxen for release:

  1. Update xdocs/releases.xml, xdocs/status.xml, and xdocs/index.xml with the new version number and information.
  2. Update pom.xml and INSTALL with the new version number.
  3. Make sure all changes are committed.
  4. Check that all tests pass by running mvn test.
  5. Tag the release in Github.
  6. And then a miracle occurs to upload to Maven Central.
  7. Upload site and binaries to