Corrections and Errata for The XML 1.1 Bible

As of August 10, 2006, all known problems in the first printing are listed here. If you notice any other problems, please email them to so I can post them here and correct them in future printings. Thanks!

Part I: Introducing XML
Chapter 1: An Eagle's Eye View of XML (no examples in this chapter)
Chapter 2: XML Applications
Chapter 3: Your First XML Document
Chapter 4: Structuring Documents
Chapter 5: Attributes, Empty Tags, and XSL
Chapter 6: Well-Formed XML Documents
Part II: Document Type Definitions
Chapter 7: Document Type Definitions and Validity
Chapter 8: Element Declarations
Chapter 9: Attribute Declarations
Chapter 10: Entity Declarations
Chapter 11: Namespaces
Part III: Style Sheets
Chapter 12: CSS Style Sheets
Chapter 13: CSS Layouts
Chapter 14: CSS Text Styles
Chapter 15: XSL Transformations
Chapter 16: XSL Formatting Objects
Part IV: Supplemental Technologies
Chapter 17: XLinks
Chapter 18: XPointers
Chapter 19: XInclude
Chapter 20: Schemas
Part V: XML Applications
Chapter 21: XHTML
Chapter 22: Modular XHTML
Chapter 23: RDDL
Chapter 24: Scalable Vector Graphics
Chapter 25: Designing a New XML Application
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