Corrections to Chapter 21 of The XML Bible, Pushing Web Sites with CDF

pp. 795, 796: In Listing 21-11, the URLs for the realtime pictures of the Sun have changed. With the new URLs the example should read:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    Hydrogen Alpha Image of the Sun Desktop Component
   This desktop component shows a picture of the Sun 
   as it appears this very minute from the top of 
   Sacramento Peak in New Mexico. The picture is taken 
   in a single color at the wavelength of the Hydrogen 
   alpha light (6563 Angstroms) using a monochrome 
   camera which produces a greyscale image in
   which the red light of Hydrogen alpha appears white.

    <TITLE>Hydrogen Alpha Image of the Sun</TITLE>

      <LATESTTIME HOUR="19"/>

    <USAGE VALUE="DesktopComponent">
      <WIDTH VALUE="640"/>
      <HEIGHT VALUE="480"/>
      <CANRESIZE VALUE="Yes"/>
      <OPENAS VALUE="Image"/>
p. 798: The first code fragment on the page is malformed. It should read:

<ITEM HREF="welcome.wav">   <USAGE=VALUE="NONE"/> </ITEM>

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Last Modified October 7, 2000