Corrections to Chapter 10 of The XML Bible, Attribute Declarations in DTDs

pp. 290-291: The NMTOKEN attribute type actually indicates that the attribute value is a legal XML name token, not a legal XML name. The difference between names and name tokens is that name tokens have no restrictions on what the first character must be. Most importantly name tokens may begin with a digit while names may not. Otherwise, they're the same.

p. 297: The Latin version of the sentence from Petronius's Satiricon begins "Veniebamus in forum deficiente now die, ...". It should read "Veniebamus in forum deficiente iam die, ...".

p. 299: Delete the following paragraph:

If the first subcode segment does not represent a two-letter ISO country code, it should be a character set subcode for the language registered with the IANA, such as csDECMCS, roman8, mac, cp037, or ebcdic-cp-ca. The current list can be found at For example:

<P xml:lang="en-mac">

This is simply wrong. The second subcode should be a country code or it should be a sub-language code registered with the IANA like the "bok" subcode for Norwegian in "no-bok".

For similar reasons, delete the paragraph:

The final possibility is that the first subcode is another x-code that begins with x- or X-. For example,

<P xml:lang="en-x-tic">

p. 306: The prolog shown before the summary should specify standalone="no"; that is,

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE SEASON SYSTEM "baseballattributes.dtd" >

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